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Your child’s IEP

I help frustrated parents of elementary ​aged children get the IEP and school ​supports they need to be successful in ​school and life.

Kearney Doherty, ​M.Ed

A Book for Time Management


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IEP Meetings

No more surprises when ​you walk into your ​child’s IEP meeting.

I’ll teach you to ​communicate your ​concerns and requests ​beforehand so you get ​answers.

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IEP Goals

Every child is unique, as ​is each family!

I’ll show you how to ​prioritize IEP goals that ​are perfect for your child ​and your family’s needs!

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I​EP Strategies

Your child’s IEP should ​pass the “stranger test”. ​I’ll teach you what that ​means for your child’s ​IEP and how to work ​collaboratively with your ​child’s team to get ​there.

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Parent Input ​Letter

One Spot for ALL your Input!

Have concerns about your child’s ​academic/behavioral progress ​but not sure how to express it?

The Parent Input Letter is just ​the place to do that and more!

Stop losing sleep ​over IEP meetings!

Your child and your family need ​you for so many things. From ​deciding what's for dinner to ​getting to this practice to that ​appointment on time, and then ​there’s always running errands ​on a Saturday.

School struggles should not be ​stealing so much of your energy.



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Work together to ​assess and prioritize ​needs and determine ​plan of action.


EvaluatE and ​Coach

Review current ​systems/supports and ​coach through the ​IEP/504 process to ​advocate for your child.



Estabilish a system for ​tracking progress and ​offering ​recommendations for ​adjustments as ​needed.

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HI! I’M Kearney


I’ve been in the Special Education field professionally for ​over 20 years. As a certified Special Education teacher, I ​sat at the IEP table for years and saw the need to support ​parents.

Now, working with parents, I am able to coach them ​through the IEP process as well as understand their rights ​so their child has the supports and services they need to ​make progress.

I'm a proud member of the Master IEP Coach® Network ​and I can't wait to help you on your IEP journey!

Looking Forward to ​Speaking with You,


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You deserve to...

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Celebrate the individualized ​support and services your ​child has on their IEP

know what to do when your ​gut instincts are telling you ​your child needs more

be a valued and heard IEP ​team member

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stop the Fears or anxiety before each iep meetings.

Ditch the iep goals that don’t ​make sense for your child’s ​future

Questioning yourself over ​every iep decisions

Kind words from clients...

Parent Taking Child to School

Parent of a 1st ​Grade Student

"I really respect you for doing ​such a great job! You are ​changing so many children's ​lives at this time. I did not ​even have my final meeting ​with you and I am so grateful ​for all you have done so far."

Black Mom and Child with Tablet

Parent of a 4th ​Grad​e Student

"Thanks so much for the time ​and effort you put forth. We ​appreciate your knowledge ​and guidance. "

Father and Teen Son Bond

Parent of a 8th ​Grade Student

“You were fantastic. I did not ​understand the implications ​of what they were proposing. ​Thank you for stepping in.”


2. Do you attend ​IEP m​eetings?

Yes, I can attend IEP ​meetings. However, my ​goal is to give you all the ​tools you need to be the ​voice for your child. My ​role at the IEP table is to ​support you and make ​sure your voice is heard, ​requests are respected, ​and proper decisions ​are made.

  1. Do you work in ​my​ state?

Yes, I can help parents ​in all 50 states. Majority ​of IEP struggles are ​rooted in Federal Law ​that governs all states. If ​I need to reference ​anything specific for ​your state, I will do so ​and I have resources in ​all states to support any ​st​ate specific questions.

3. Do you give ​legal advice?

I’m not a lawyer and I ​don’t give legal advice. I ​can absolutely use the ​foundation of the law to ​support you, your IEP ​requests, and help you ​negotiate for an ​appropriate IEP for your ​ch​ild.

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Supporting Parents to navigate special ​education

IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice. All advocacy and IEP decisions are your own.